Seasoning a Wok

Before using a traditional Asian steel wok for the first time it needs to be properly seasoned, meaning it has to be dry-heated and cleaned with vegetable oil. For safety reasons this should be done with great care and, for the sake of the smoke this process usually generates, always out of doors. A brand new steel wok  s usually coated with a chemical protection film that needs to be scrubbed off with detergent and a coarse sponge, Then heat the wok on your “Dragon” on the highest flame and after a short while the wok will start to take on color. When the wok is really hot and has changed color the flame is killed and the hot wok is carefully wiped out with a piece of cloth soaked in vegetable oil (peanut or sunflower oil will do). Here great caution is needed, because the hot wok may inflame the vegetable oil if you use too much of it or simply pour it into the wok.

Seasoning a Hand-Hammered Wok

A thorough and detailed manual for seasoning our hand-hammered woks is provided by our friend Sven on Disturbed Cooking