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No, the Roaring Dragon are multifunctional gas burners with a capacity of 24 kW. On the X-76 fit pots, pans and our planchas.

The burner heads are the powerful IR ceramic burners on all our burners. The individual Roaring Dragons differ in terms of the geometry and mass of the wok or pot support.     

  • The Roaring Dragon X-72 has a round burner pot, is one-piece and therefore only suitable for woks. Dimensions: Diameter – 325mm (installation size 275mm), height 160mm, Material: gray cast iron     
  • The Roaring Dragon X-74 burner has a round, larger burner pot (10 “) than the X-72, is one-piece and therefore only suitable for woks Dimensions: diameter – 355mm (installation dimension 315mm), height 170mm, material: gray cast iron lacquered     
  • Roaring Dragon X76 has a square burner pot, is two-piece and therefore better to clean. Due to the flat contact surface it is not only suitable for woks but also for pots, pans and grill plates. Material: gray cast iron, lacquered with ceramic inlets, dimensions: 330mmx330mm, height: 155mm

The Roaring Dragon consumes 1.5 kg / h under full throttle. A 11kg gas cylinder is enough for about 7.3 h. For an average dish (4 people) the burner runs for about 4 minutes under full throttle. That means you can make about 400 servings. This is also confirmed by our experience from our catering.

No, due to the high performance and the associated emissions, we have the approval only for outdoor use.

The Roaring Dragon X72, X-74 and X76 can be integrated into your outdoor kitchen. Contact us for details.

Pressure reducer and hose are always included. You really only need a gas cylinder and a lot of desire to cook. Rich accessories can be found in our online shop.