What is the difference between the various burners?

The burner heads are the powerful IR ceramic burners on all our burners. The individual Roaring Dragons differ in terms of the geometry and mass of the wok or pot support.     

  • The Roaring Dragon X-72 has a round burner pot, is one-piece and therefore only suitable for woks. Dimensions: Diameter – 325mm (installation size 275mm), height 160mm, Material: gray cast iron     
  • The Roaring Dragon X-74 burner has a round, larger burner pot (10 “) than the X-72, is one-piece and therefore only suitable for woks Dimensions: diameter – 355mm (installation dimension 315mm), height 170mm, material: gray cast iron lacquered     
  • Roaring Dragon X76 has a square burner pot, is two-piece and therefore better to clean. Due to the flat contact surface it is not only suitable for woks but also for pots, pans and grill plates. Material: gray cast iron, lacquered with ceramic inlets, dimensions: 330mmx330mm, height: 155mm